Enterprise Alerting Software


Emergency alerts appear on desktop, tablet and mobile devices. Android, iOS and Windows.

Rapidly Send Alerts & Receive Acknowledgements
From Everyone Within Your Organization

Emergency Alerting

Emergency Alerting

Quickly notify all or specific groups of people about emergencies using standard emergency alerts. Learn More

Mass Notification Solution

Mass Notification

Targeted mass notification that delivers critical information to people quickly and effectively. Learn More

IT Alerting

IT Alerting

Easily send IT related alerts and notifications to groups based on skills and/or location. Learn More

Send Alerts Using Any Device

Send alerts from a desktop and monitor delivery using mobile devices.

If needed, follow-up alerts can then be sent while on the move using a tablet or smartphone!


Product Features

ReachPlus provides users with a visual and rich alerting experience, by making alerts easy to comprehend and quick to respond to. What’s more, ReachPlus’ powerful and intuitive interface offers easy alert composition, distribution and monitoring

Web-based solution

Use a browser to access the ReachPlus from anywhere.

128 bit encryption

Keep alerting secure through encrypted communication.

CAP compliant

Communicate with any CAP compliant system.

iOS clients

Send alerts to iOS smartphones and tablets.

Android clients

Send alerts to Android smartphones and tablets.

Windows & Mac clients

Send alerts to desktop and laptop users.

Quick alerts

Rapidly send out alerts from a list of pre-composed alerts.

Scheduled alerts

Schedule recurring alerts to be sent out automatically.


Instantly know if alerts have been read.

Active Directory

Send alert to users in your organization’s directory.

Indoor alerting

Send targeted alerts to specific floors, offices or rooms.

Geographic alerting

Alert everyone within a selected geographic region.

Push messaging

Send alerts to mobile users that appear over the lock-screen.

SMS alerts

Send SMS messages to any mobile device.

Alert history

Maintain a record for alerts that have been sent.

An alerting solution you can download and begin using in under 30 minutes!